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What Is a Blog Writing Service? (And Why Your Business Needs One)


“What is a blog writing service?” you ask. Glad you did.

Here’s the deal. Businesses who put blogging at the top of their marketing strategy are 13 times more likely to experience a positive ROI, according to HubSpot.

B2B companies will generate 88 percent more leads, while their B2C cousins will generate 67 percent more leads through publishing blog posts consistently. That’s a lot of leads to leave on the table if you’re not blogging.

Furthermore, in today’s digital world, your website is more important than ever to get your brand out in front of likely customers. When you blog, you’ll get 97 percent more links to your website, marketing news site Business2Community points out.

And the leads you generate will cost 62 percent less than ones you generate through advertising, cold calls, brochures, or other outbound marketing methods.

With three-fourths of all Internet users reading blogs regularly, your company needs to get on board the blogging train. Imagine what could happen if you missed out – and your competitors get:

That 67 percent cost reductionThat 88 percent increase in leadsOr, that 97 percent more links to their website?

I thought so. Bottom line, you need a blog to stay ahead of your competitors.

Quick Takeaways:

Having a blog is essential to wooing today’s information-hungry customers.Most businesses don’t have the time, expertise, or budget to hire an in-house writing team.A blog writing service can turn your subject matter expertise into expertly written content.

Content Marketing Is a Must for Today’s Businesses

“But,” you say, “I’m busy just running my business. I don’t have any time to write a blog. Besides, I practically got through English Composition 101 by the skin of my teeth. I’m an engineer/doctor/web developer/financial services professional, not a writer.”

That’s where a blog writing service comes in handy. Content marketing – of which blogs are a huge component – is one of the most effective lead generation strategies in the marketing world.

A blog writing service is a company with specialized content writers who combine their industry knowledge with keen research abilities to create regular blog posts. Their posts leverage the blog writers’ abilities to communicate to propose solutions that can help your customers solve the problems that keep them up at night.

With a blog writing service, you won’t need to forgo time with family and friends to stress out over this week’s blog posts. You and your team can do what you do best and leave the writing to the writers.

Build Industry Authority and Customer Visibility

And you are good at what you do. Only problem – not enough of the right people know just how good you are. Blogging helps you showcase that expertise without spending a moment of your time.

Having a blog writing service builds your authority in your industry in the minds of people who might not even have heard of your company before you launch your blog. When you couple that exposure with your social media reach by posting links to each post on your social media pages, it’s sheer marketing magic.

Furthermore, with every blog post you publish, your visibility on your target customers’ searches rises. A blog writing service will know how to leverage the right keywords and metadata to get both search engines’ and your target audience’s attention.

Create Newsletter and Other Gated Content

Your blog writing team can also create extra content that you can send to your email newsletter subscriber list. These articles can take a deeper dive into material that you covered in your blog posts or provide insight into topics you haven’t yet covered in your blog posts.

As a vital component of your content marketing strategy, your email newsletter can serve as the next step along the customer journey for those people interested enough in your blog content to subscribe. Providing expertly written, highly informative information in every newsletter will spark even more interest in your company, positioning you as a thought leader in your industry.

An email newsletter works equally well for B2C companies as well as B2B businesses. Statistics show that email marketing yields a whopping 4,400 percent ROI, yielding $44 for every dollar spent.

In addition, you can expand these newsletter articles into new content, such as white papers and e-books, that delve even deeper into the subject matter for those considering a purchase.

Use Your Blog Writing Team to Craft Account-Based Marketing Messages

For B2B companies, you can even repurpose your blog post into personalized content in one of today’s hottest marketing strategies – account-based marketing. With a blog writing service, you’ll have a team of writers who know your company and its work – and can craft content tailored to each decision-maker’s interest.

For example, you could send a manufacturing company’s head engineer an article about how your new widget can shave hours off the manufacturing process, while the chief financial officer would appreciate an infographic about how much money the company would save by putting your widget to work in the process. Their developer, though, would love an article about the way you put Agile methodology to use as your team created the device.

When B2B companies align their blog writing service with their sales team to leverage the power of account-based marketing, they’re likely to boost their ROI. Forty-two percent of all companies that do so experienced significantly higher ROI, while 42 percent of the companies experienced somewhat higher ROI.

Turn Your Expertise into Compelling Content

You and your teams have a ton of expertise in your field. A blog writing service can work closely with your teams to turn raw facts into compelling copy.

Let’s say that you’re a pharmaceutical company, and you’ve come up with a new cure for an emerging disease. Your blog writing team can work with your researchers to turn their latest study into easily understandable content that busy physicians and nurses can scan quickly.

Your blog writing service can take testimonials from physicians that have tried your new drug successfully and craft blog posts that patients can understand. With more information, patients can be more informed when they have conversations with their own physicians.

For startups, whose lean budget doesn’t leave much room for marketing, let alone a dedicated content writing team, having a blog writing service at their disposal can be a game-changer.

Use Your Blog Writing Service to Repurpose Existing Content

Just like your other assets, your blog content can do double duty when you repurpose it in other formats. Use your blogging team to transform blog posts to how-to video scripts, to create catchy product and service descriptions for Instagram and Pinterest, and to rephrase the content as compelling personal stories on Medium. Take a video and turn it into a LinkedIn article that showcases your thought leadership.

A blog writing service has experienced content writers that can adapt your existing content into practically any written form you want. They can even rewrite past content to make it more search-engine friendly. That way, you can reach even more people who need your expertise.

Finally, when you hire a blog writing service, you won’t have the added expense of an in-house writing team, nor will you need to spend your time recruiting and onboarding each team member. With an outsourced blog writing subscription service, you’ll have a team of writers that someone whose expertise is content creation has recruited, tested, onboarded, and proven through project after project.

If you are ready to get more traffic to your site with quality content that’s consistently published, check out our Content Builder Service. Set up a quick consultation, and I’ll send you a free PDF version of my books. Get started today and generate more traffic and leads for your business.

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