Video is booming on social media. Businesses are using it to add more personality to their brand (especially in B2B), to increase engagement with their target audience and extend their reach beyond it. In this blog, we explain how you can now upload social media videos in Socialtap and also look at some data as to why you should invest more in your video marketing.

Users are often visual creatures, who are happier watching a video than reading an article on your website, particularly if you have a complex product. The great news is that if they do watch your video, there is a 74% chance they will make a purchase (source: Wyzowl).

If you haven’t introduced video to your marketing strategy yet, consider this: when compared to non-video brands, those using video saw an increase of 27% in click-through rates and a 35% increase in web-conversions (source: Vidyard).

With this in mind, we’ve introduced a brand new Socialtap feature that allows you to attach videos to social media posts via your Compose Box. Saving you time when managing your social media profiles, and hopefully garnering more engagement, leads and conversation.

Layout improvements for ease of use in Socialtap

Firstly, we’ve updated the Attach button slightly in Compose. Note the new paper clip icon and color.


Clicking ‘Attach’ opens a window where you can attach images, files – and now videos. You can either drag and drop your file or click ‘Browse Files’ to find it manually.


Supported social media networks with Socialtap

Socialtap fully supports video uploading to Facebook and Twitter services, these will display as if they have been uploaded using the social network itself.

Users can still upload a video to non-Facebook/Twitter services, however, the video will appear as a link preview instead.

Clicking on the link preview opens the video in a new tab. This is also how the video will display on your post if it does not meet the full specifications of Facebook or Twitter.

How to upload a social media video via Socialtap

  1. Click Compose
  2. Select a service (note, only Facebook and Twitter fully support video)
  3. Click the ‘Attach’ button
  4. Attach the video – it must conform to 15 Mb size and if Twitter then up to 30 seconds duration
  5. View the video loading
  6. Enter a title/ description for your video (optional)
  7. Preview your video in Compose or go fullscreen


Note: Once the video is loaded, another attachment can’t be added. If you do select multiple attachments, it will only upload the video.

If you change your mind and want to add a different video, you will be instructed to delete the current video.