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Top 20 Best Android Apps 2020 | Must Have

Top 20 Best Android Apps which are worth mentioning as these apps will surely help you with productivity, customization and more.

Top 20 Best Android Games 2019 :
Top 20 Best iPhone Games 2020:

Top 20 Best Android Games 2020:
Top 10 Best iPad Games 2020 :
Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games 2020 :

Best iPhone Games 2019:
Best iPhone Games 2018 :

Apps in this video :
Hex Installer:
Remote Fingerprint unlock:

Remotely Unlock Your Windows PC via Fingerprint Scanner on Android [XDA Spotlight]

Listle :
wallspy :
smouse :

Best Apps For Galaxy Note 10 Plus :
Muviz Edge :
Tile shortcuts :
Crisper :

Milkshake :
FV File Explorer :
Storymaker :
Complete Rhythm Trainer :
Lithium :
Linebit Icon pack :

Deepstash :
Wanna kicks :

Picnic :
Decluttered Launcher :
Otter Voice Meeting Notes :

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Title: Top 20 Best Android Apps 2020 | Must Have
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Top 20 Best Android Games 2020 | MUST PLAY

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