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SMB Marketing

$3999 month, billed yearly
  • All-in-One Social Inbox
  • Comprehensive, Unlimited Reporting
  • Content Curation System
  • 10 Social Profiles
  • Automation Tools
  • Brand & Reputation Monitoring
  • Monitor Profiles, Keywords & Locations
  • Message & Content Tagging


$5999month, billed yearly
  • All-in-One Social Inbox
  • Comprehensive, Unlimited Reporting
  • Content Curation System
  • 20 Social Profiles
  • Automation Tools
  • Brand & Reputation Monitoring
  • Monitor Profiles, Keywords & Locations
  • Message & Content Tagging


$8499month, billed yearly
  • All-in-One Social Inbox
  • Comprehensive, Unlimited Reporting
  • Content Curation System
  • 50 Social Profiles
  • Automation Tools
  • Brand & Reputation Monitoring
  • Monitor Profiles, Keywords & Locations
  • Message & Content Tagging

Tips & Tricks for Managing Social Automation Accounts.

Building Relationships with Your Customers on Social Media. Businesses today are increasingly using social media to connect with customers and build relationships with them. These platforms are less formal and give you the space and flexibility to build personal bond, which in turn helps you convert your audiences into customers. So, what are the best social media management techniques that you can use to build relationships with your customers?

Take the initiative. One of the biggest benefits of social media is that you can take the initiative and go to your customers’ comfort zone. Carry out basic research to find out the social media platform that has the highest concentration of your target audience. Although you need to distribute and strategize your social media management campaign across all social media platforms, you need to pay special attention to these specific channels.

Create “shareable” content. No matter the social media platform, come up with share-worthy content. It is equally important to customize the content depending on the platform. For example, short messages on Twitter, visually appealing photos on Pinterest and interactive content on Facebook. If you can manage to achieve this, you can not only acquire new customers but also build loyalty amongst your existing customers.

Observe before you talk. Social media is a great platform to promote your products and broadcast offers and deals. However, most businesses make the mistake of using social media exclusively for “talking”. You can put these channels to better use by “listening”. Take note of the conversations on various social media platforms, especially where the name of your business is mentioned, and respond to them instead of simply harping about your brand.

Interactive videos. Be it YouTube or Facebook, videos can be used anywhere to connect with your customers. Focus on creating interactive videos with two things in mind. First, it must offer useful information about your products or services. Second, it needs to be strike an emotional chord with target customers. Storytelling is one good theme for videos. Most importantly, plan your videos such that the viewer seems to be the main hero of the story. Interactive videos that go viral get a lot of mileage for your company as well.

Start groups for Ellensburg , WA. Create communities on social media and encourage your customers to become a part of these. As your customer base grows, the community will grow too. Ensure that the atmosphere in the group is very positive and friendly. Keep publishing interesting and engaging content, videos and information to create a sense of oneness with your brand.


Social Media Reporting & Tracking for Ellensburg , WA

Social Media Metrics You Should Track. Undoubtedly, social media is one of the most effective ways of making your presence felt in the market. However, do you know how effective your current social media management strategies are? Are they bringing results? Using social media metrics to track your campaigns and their performance will help you stay in the right direction. Here’s a look at four metrics to get you started.

Growth rate near Ellensburg , WA. One of the most obvious social media metrics to keep a track of is the increase in followers/visitors. Chart out the growth in visitors/followers month on month to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

Calculating the growth percentage and creating a growth graph has another major benefit. You can correlate the period of maximum growth with the social media campaigns that took place during that time. This will help you evaluate the success of each campaign, and determine the further course of action.

You can also correlate the profits of your company with the social media campaign.

Response rate. In order to be successful in social media marketing in particular and marketing in general, it is important to respond to customers in the right way. Customers are increasingly using social channels to express their frustrations, raise doubts, request clarifications or give feedback about products/services they use.

A study by NM Insight in 2013 found that 1 out of 3 social media users preferred contacting companies on social channels than on phone. However, only about 36% said that their issues were resolved effectively and quickly.

It is crucial to measure the response rate of your social media outpost. How quick are they in responding to customers’ queries/complaints on social channels? Are they striving for a 100% connect rate?

This is one of the most important social media metrics to keep track of.

Responding to opportunities close to Ellensburg , WA. A recent study showed that close to 73 percent of salespeople who used social media performed better than those who did not use social media. This goes to show the importance of responding to engagement opportunities in social media.

Start by tracking the number of interactions with prospects on social media. Next, track how many mentions of your company you are responding to. Then track how many closed deals were triggered by social media interaction. Also find out how many customers are responding positively to the marketing campaigns that you implement on social media.

Viral response. Posting engaging content on social media is important. However, more important is to check whether the content you are posting is going viral. If the content is not going viral, it could either mean that your content is not as engaging as you think it to be or customers are not reciprocating to your brand.

With regular tracking, you can consistently improve the performance of your social media campaign. Social Tap is a powerful yet easy to use social media management tool that helps you track several important social media metrics.


How To Optimize You Social Media Channels

Social Media Optimization Tips & Tricks next to Ellensburg , WA. Social media is the perfect medium for spreading word about your business, products and services. Millions of people around the globe are actively using social media to connect, share, make decisions, and much more. You too can join the bandwagon of businesses generating leads using social channels. All you need is a purposeful plan and consistency.

Social media optimization for Ellensburg , WA is all about leveraging social media to its fullest. You can enhance your business presence online if you sketch up a clear strategy and execute it to perfection.

Be Clear. When you communicate to your customers, communicate with clarity. Whether you are using social channels to bring in more traffic, or you want to promote your products/services, be very specific about your goals and what you want to do. And make sure your customers understand what you’re communicating. Mixed messages, confusing communication can do more harm than good for your brand and your online presence. Start right and the rest will fall in place smoothly.

Engage. Focus on publishing engaging content that compels your readers to share. With a strong line up of unique and irresistible content at regular intervals, you can create a loyal fan base for your business. Be sure to tailor the content for every social media channel. For instance, share power packed short messages on Twitter, high quality photos on Pinterest, stellar content on your blog and share highly relevant photos and links on Facebook.

Connect. Publishing high quality content is just one step of your social media optimization journey. Be sure to connect with your audience. Reply to queries, respond to the comments on your timeline and retweet posts of influential followers. Be active and social to make sure your audience responds to you positively.

Encourage Sharing. The most powerful aspect of social media is the flexibility it allows in sharing content. Make sharing easy for your audience. Be sure to display social sharing icons on each blog post. If your readers love what they read, they should be able to share it easily and quickly. For good measure, display the sharing buttons above and below your post.

Watch the Metrics.Once you are done with creating, publishing and sharing content, sit back and check whether it is doing its job. In other words, check the response your content generates and whether it is helping your business grow. Social Tap offers several tools that help you generate reports to analyze the most important social media metrics.

Social media optimization is not rocket science. However, you need to be smart and keep up with the latest trends to make the most out of this technology.


Using Social Media to Acquire Customers

Social media in Ellensburg , WA has become an integral part of all spheres of life today. Be it the birth of a baby, the death of a loved one, the purchase of a new home, having a new hair cut or preparing a delicious meal – people like to share the news on social media. It is a casual platform where people vent their frustrations, share their joy and speak of their dreams.

For businesses, such platforms are extremely fertile grounds to grow their business. Look at it as a modern day version of “word of mouth” publicity. However, if you want to make the most of social media for small business, you need to be sharp, shrewd and active.

Everything begins with research in Ellensburg , WA

Start by singling out the social channels your target audiences use the most. Find specialized blogs that your target customers frequent. Next, plan a suitable campaign to cater to their sensibilities.

Plan and strategize

What type of content do you want to publish? What is the frequency at which you want to publish new content? This will help you determine the kind of effort you need to put in. Whatever the type of content and the frequency, make sure you are regular at it. Being regular and consistent is the way to build trust amongst your followers.

Offer information without bragging

Remember, the Internet is full of businesses trying to prove they are the best. However, most people do not pay much attention to self-proclamations and bragging. Simply focus on offering your audience solid information in an engaging and easy to understand manner. With smartly presented content, you can influence their decision in your favor. After all, when it comes to social media for small business, it is all about your audience.

Make it appropriate

People do not log in to Facebook for their business/work; they visit Linkedin for it. Similarly, when people visit Twitter, they expect bite-sized content and not long stories. Be sure to customize your content to suit the social channel. This also reflects your professionalism.

Whether you are publishing content or engaging your audience in a conversation, avoid making mistakes – be it the language you use, tone, grammar, spellings or the information. Remember, when you are on social media, you are on a stage with millions of people watching you. One mistake and you could lose your followers. You need to be flawless.


Why Hire a Social Media Manager when You Can Automate with Socialtap!

Social media is an extremely effective platform to make your presence felt, connect with your audience and grow your business. The question is – how to make the most of social media? Some businesses hire social media managers in Ellensburg , WA to do the job. Some others prefer to do it on their own. Which is the better option? More importantly, if you are not an expert, is it wise to take up the challenge of managing your social media campaign?

Why do you Need Social Media Managers?

First, they know how to do the job. Second, you might not have the time to handle the entire campaign since you need to focus on the core operations of your business. Third, you have one less thing to worry about when an expert handles the task. All the three reasons are justified. However, is there an alternative?

The Alternative

Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on social medial managers to run a successful social media campaign. With a good social media management tool like Social Tap, you can handle the task yourself. Since these tools are easy to use, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert. What is more, you don’t have to spend a lot of time either.

Take Control

Nobody knows your business better than you do. You understand your target customers as well. So, does it not make sense to handle it on your own? When you are in charge, you can interact with customers on social media more effectively. You can handle queries more efficiently. As a result, you can build trust more effectively with your target customers.

Social Tap brings several tools that help you put forth a powerful social media campaign. You get complete access to tools for digital marketing, social media management, content publishing, customer engagement, campaign analytics, brand management and reputation monitoring. All the tools are fully automated and tested for efficiency. You can generate analytics reports, share them with your team and work collaboratively from remote locations.


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