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Prioritization Approach Changes Over A Product’s Life Cycle

In earlier entries, we described several approaches to prioritizing work. One of the questions that emerges when discussing prioritization is whether the same technique should be used for all types of applications. The simple answer is no, however, a bit of context is needed. One determinant of approach is where a product is on its life cycle. Note: I am using the term product very purposefully, product and project life cycles reflect two very different concepts.  The illustration below is a common representation of a product life cycle. The product is introduced, stuff happens, and then, at some point, it is retired. Whether the journey emulates a normal curve or follows a different path is not material here. 

The work required to bring a product to market, and then enhance, support and retire the product are all different. Adding examples of types of work to the product life cycle enhances the picture:

.As the work changes it is easy to consider a change to the prioritization technique.  For example, an organization might use a portfolio Kanban method to filter and select new product ideas then shift to Cost of Delay or a Kano model to prioritize features during the growth and maturity phases (albeit there would be fewer new features in the maturity phase) and some form of impact based prioritization for tickets for support.  As the product transverses it’s life cycle the approach to prioritization becomes less complex and rigorous as the product becomes less strategic.


Next, we will map different approaches to prioritization to different parts of the life cycle based on product strategies.

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Title: Prioritization Approach Changes Over A Product’s Life Cycle
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