Are you missing the point with Portland Social Media?

What are gap’s in social media? Am I communicating the correct message?

Is there a gap between your social media presence and the expectations of your fans or followers? If there is, then it is likely to cost you fans, followers and ultimately revenues. To check the size of your gap run regular polls and short questionnaires. It doesn’t have to be long and complicated to be effective. Try posting one simple question related to your brand, so for a pet shop it could be ‘cats or dogs, who is really man’s best friend?’

The results of the poll at Portland Social Media will tell you whether you have more dog or cat lovers on your platform. Meanwhile, the additional comments (and you always get some) will give you a greater insight into the personalities of a cross section of your audience.

Don’t forget to offer an incentive to take part in the poll, a prize draw is always a good idea.