Social media is a powerful tool for any business’ strategic plan and goals.  You first must know what target audience you are marketing to #1.

Just a few years ago, social media was barely part of the equation and now it’s an essential aspect of any game plan. Best practices dictate some particular things about social media, and how to best use it.

Social media is essential for building your brand, but you have to find a voice and stick with it. Use social media to display the best parts of your brand, whether that’s your product, your customers, or your staff and office culture. Your brand is on social media already, it’s up to you whether you want to be the one who controls it.

Social media can also be a great customer service tool. Your customers are on social media. Listen to them, interact with them, especially if they interact with you. This way, you’re reaching your customers more effectively, in an arena they might be more comfortable in.

Those are your social media best practices, but sometimes you might wonder about your return on investment. Well, Socialtap is here to tell you all those things you thought you knew about social media, rip them up and throw them out the window!Malorie-Lucich-Quote

Okay, don’t actually do that, they’re still very important aspects of a social media business strategy. But, what I’m saying right now is that it’s also okay to use social media to sell and market!

In the same way selling can work on social media, social media works for this kind of selling. Social media helps you capture an audience much better than a phone call and email.

After all, once you’ve got the like, the follow, or the connection, they’re connected to you and inertia will keep the vast majority around, in a way that calls and emails don’t hold on to contacts. From there, keep using social media to nurture away, and before you know it, your social media sales pitches are taking hold!