Portland Social Media: 5 Easy Tips on Saving Time

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1) Scheduling
Planning posts in advance not only frees up your personal schedule but also allows more time to spot errors or add content that has been missed. Socialtap enables you to schedule your posts to be sent out at any date or time in the future.

Compose a message to schedule a post, or access scheduled messages from the Engage menu.

2) Smart Queues
Using smart queues means that the decision on when to post has already been made. Save time by speedily sending your message into a queue that has pre-set time slots. You can even set the queue to send out messages at an ‘optimal time’ as calculated by Socialtap.


Compose a message to add a post to a queue, or access queued messages from the Engage menu.

3) Bulk Importing
This feature enables you to import multiple messages to be scheduled or queued with ease.  By using this feature you can organize your messages months in advance, dramatically reducing time spent posting individually.


4) Automation
You can use Socialtap to automatically follow, unfollow, retweet and send messages to twitter users. Use keywords, geo-targetting and sentiment analysis to automatically acquire followers and even send out automatic messages to new followers or new comments.

Let Socialtap moderate your facebook page for you. The facebook automation app will automatically remove comments based on words you enter here.

Use Socialtap’s autoresponder to automatically send out birthday wishes, anniversary wishes etc. to your contacts. Go to your mailing list through the contacts menu and select autoresponder from the dropdown to make use of this feature.

5) Recommended content
Finding conversation starters to engage with followers has never been quicker. Make use of Socialtap’s suggested content feature which can be found in the engage section. Quickly search for topics then select and curate articles to share to your followers all from one easy menu.


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