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How To Make Money With Pinning Other People’s Stuff

How To Make Money With Pinning Other People’s Stuff

Making money is one of the reasons why people are using Pinterest. Let’s face it. You would not dare to look at pages upon pages of pins without getting much in return. Unless you are among the ones that gets an unbridled lust for pin and pin boards then you are an exception. The best part of Pinterest is to know how you can get a sort of reward. Even loyal customers get loyalty bonus points then why you should not have one when you use Pinterest. But in reality Pinterest, will not give you a card where it will store loyalty points where you can exchange it for a gift card or gift certificate. Rewards on using Pinterest come from other users, mostly businesses that want to gain a better foothold on this increasingly massive social media.
Pinterest gained a lot of attention of late due to its phenomenal rise. It has risen to epic proportions in a matter of months (24 months to be exact). Now it is the third-largest social media network in the United States. That is why Pinterest has been the darling of marketers as they seek ways to get Pinterest to work for their favor.
If businesses are getting money, why can’t you the average Joe who spends an average of 410 minutes a month in Pinterest. What is in store for you? What do you get when you scroll pages upon pages of pin boards? The answer is that you can make money by just pinning other people’s pin. This is the secret on how to make money easily using Pinterest.
If you are interested on how this pans out, let us explain the mechanics.
Join pinning contests. One of the ways to make money by pinning other people’s pin is to join pinning contests. The only caveat is that you need a ginormous amount of luck. However, if you are lucky and industrious you can earn a sizeable compensation package that is sufficient to stem the tide. Marketers are using pinning contests to allow their pins get a foothold on other people’s pin boards which are one way to increase their presence and improve product awareness.
Join affiliate marketing programs. It has been proven time and again – so why not be in the bandwagon? Affiliate marketing is one way to earn money through Pinterest. Just pin the products from your affiliate network and boom you get earnings when there are sales consummated from your referrals. It is painless and is free money. If you don’t get how affiliate marketing works, let us explain it briefly for you in a manner you would best understand. If a local supermarket wants to expand their reach, they would often try to lease a space and try to sell from there. They could use your unused garage to display some of their wares. In exchange for your troubles, each time they earn you get a cut from the sales. That is how affiliate marketing in Pinterest works.
If you look at it the tricks on how to make money off other people’s pins is limited by your own imagination. If you are creative enough you can easily think out of the box and find a way to earn by just pinning other people’s stuff. It will come with a price though, that would be time and effort that you need to spend. However, if you are lucky you can laugh your way to the bank with the money you earned from pinning other people’s pin on Pinterest.

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Written by Michael Paul

Michael is the Founder of the Fuseology Creative Brand and Socialtap. Michael's passion is in seeing and helping small business succeed. Some call him a "local genius" with a knack for uncover and connecting all the dots in chaotic digital world helping it make sense. Whether it is Website development, mobile websites or social media Michael and his team at Fuseology Creative & Socialtap are a great choice.

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