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A quick diversion today!

In celebration of blowing past my 100-mile running goal this month (I ran and hiked 200+ miles) taking the day off and organizing my desk. A quick reminder, we are in the middle of polling to determine the next book in the Re-Read Saturday Feature.  The four books we are trying to narrow down are:

Tame Your Workflow (Tendon and Doiron)Great Big Agile (Dalton) Fixing Your Scrum (Ripley and Miller)The Lean Startup (Ries)

Of the four, I have interviewed the authors of three of the books recently. If you need a bit more information before voting use the links at the end of this post to listen to the podcasts and then vote.  Otherwise, vote now!

Take Our Poll

The poll will be open until May 8th.  You may vote once a day if you really want to put your thumb on the scale.  

Interviews with 5 of the 6 authors

SPaMCAST 587 – Fixing Your Scrum, An Interview with Todd Miller @todd_miller11 and Ryan Ripley @ryanripley #Scrum @AgileDirect Download: and Show Notes: Podcast : 586 – Great Big Agile and The Agile Performance Holarchy, An Interview with Jeff DaltonDirect Download: and Show Notes: Podcasts: 563 – Tame Your Work Flow, Part 1, A Conversation with Daniel Doiron and Steve TendonDirect Playback: Player and Show Notes: Podcasts: 564 – Tame Your Work Flow, Part 2, A Conversation with Daniel Doiron and Steve TendonDirect Playback: Player and Show Notes: Podcasts:

We will be back to more weighty matters on Saturday!

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