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Social Media Health Update! Are Your Profiles Targeting the Right Audience?

Social Media Health Update! Are Your Profiles Targeting the Right Audience? We can hope that we marketing folk would have flawless memories and could recite our clients’ key audiences and social media best practices even in the dead [...]

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Facebook, How many times per day should I post to you?

Many Factors that determine how often one should post to Facebook The simple truth is that the right posting frequency will depend on a number of crucial factors. There isn’t a magic number that’s going to work for everybody. [...]

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Instagram, why can’t I post directly to you?

What Exactly is an API? Currently, no third-party tools can automatically post scheduled content to your Instagram profile. Truth is, it’s not the tools’ fault; Instagram doesn’t allow any tool the functionality to post directly to Instagram because of its [...]

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5 Amazing Effective Hashtag Tracking Methods

5 Hashtag Tracking Methods The tips above will make it much easier to track your hashtags and avoid potential problems down the line. If you need more tips for finding hashtags, check out this post. Now, let’s look at [...]

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