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Instagram Automation Features

Instagram Automation with Socialtap Instagram has half a billion monthly active users, less competition and a more engaged user base than any other social network. We at Socialtap, realize just how important Instagram is to a successful social media strategy. We also know, that due [...]

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Portland Social Media: 10 Commandments of Social Media

#1 – Give Your Followers a Reason to Engage. Creating engaging and effective content on social is one of the biggest challenges for business owners. The goal with encouraging engagement on social media is to put yourself in your followers’ [...]

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Portland Social Media: Inbox vs. Monitoring

Just what is the Inbox vs. Monitoring? The “inbox” is extremely much like the monitoring. Here’s the distinction. The “inbox” is truly worried about remarks, tweets, re-tweets, posts, etc that it sees on our different social media accounts. Exactly [...]